Physiomins Draine Silhouette

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Product Description

Silhouette Drain

Prevents water retention and purifies the body

When to use it ?
Physio'draine Silhouette is your slimming ally for draining, activating the circulation and eliminating toxins. It is recommended in case of signs of water retention (socks that mark the ankle for example), or in certain situations that are conducive to water retention: prolonged standing, exposure to the sun, air travel...

Particularly suitable for gynoid morphologies (pear-shaped, with a tendency to store on the lower part of the body).
To be consumed pure or diluted in 1L of water, you will appreciate its delicious grapefruit flavour.

Main ingredients     

  • Green tea
    Diuretic, natural anti-oxidant that helps drain and eliminate toxins
  • Complex of plant extracts (watercress, ash, black radish, fennel, cypress, sarsaparilla)
    Activates the circulation, promotes digestive comfort.

Natural product

Take a dose of 15 ml (one tablespoon) twice a day 15 minutes before the main meals, for 15 days.

Hydroglycerine extract of green tea (water, glycerine, green tea). Complex of plant extracts: Yarrow, Borage, Heather, Caraway, Blackcurrant, Cherry, Quackgrass, Watercress, Rosehip, Sweet Fennel, Tall Ash, Burdock, Common Nettle, Lovage, Corn, Mate, Wild Pansy, Parsley, Pilosella, Dandelion, Meadowsweet, Sage, Java Tea, Lime, Black Radish. Acidifier: citric acid. Preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Flavouring: Grapefruit flavouring. Product made in France.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Ref. Article 6897
Types of product Slimming & Firming
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