MAVALA Anti-Aging Pro Night Day Cream

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Product Description

Mavala Anti-Aging Pro Night Day Cream

During the day, your skin undergoes aggression of all kinds (pollution, UV, tobacco) that make it age prematurely. At night, she has more and more trouble repairing herself, especially after 40 years. Toxins accumulate, wrinkles settle. The face loses its youth and its brilliance.

ANTI-AGE PRO is the exceptional anti-aging solution that corrects all signs of aging: wrinkles, radiance and uniformity of complexion.
Synchronized with the natural biorhythm of the skin, Chrono-Biological Night Care intensifies the cellular regeneration cycle. It provides the skin with the assets needed for each key stage of the nocturnal skin cycle:
1. An extract of young shoots of watercress, concentrated and encapsulated, to help the skin to eliminate the toxins that dull the complexion.
2. Thousands of stem cells of alpine rose, an exceptional adatogenic flower born at very high altitude, to improve the barrier function of the epidermis and boost cell repair.
3. A biomimetic lipo-amino acid to help the skin rebuild its collagen network and an anti-stain complex of arbutin, vitamins C and E which makes the complexion even.

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Additional Information
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