GARANCIA Mysterious Thousand and One Days® Emulsion

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Product Description

Garancia Mysterious Thousand and One Days® Emulsion

Anti-ageing, Transforming, Lifting Day Emulsion

Innovation :
A seaweed extract with a "rejuvenating" effect on the appearance of wrinkles.
The discovery of a seaweed extract, Alaria esculenta, which helps lower progerin levels (progerin is known as the protein that causes accelerated ageing), was an incredible one.
Progeria, the orphan disease that causes premature ageing in children, takes its name from progerin.

Alaria esculenta is a species of seaweed that lives in shallow waters and is subjected to numerous environmental stresses, such as strong currents, waves and the significant impact of UV rays. To defend itself, it secretes an "elixir of youth". Researchers have discovered that it has an amazing capacity to reduce progerin levels in cells (which are 2.5 time higher in the cells of a 66-year-old than a 35-year-old). An in vitro test demonstrated that, when exposed to this extract, the level of progerin in the cells of 66-year-old donors was reduced to the same level as those in 35-year-old donors.
The active ingredients in this marvellous day cream will help to:
relax expression lines; lower progerin levels (the protein that causes accelerated ageing); instantly lift the skin.

Result :
It will act on all types of wrinkle (whether caused by age, dehydration or expression lines). It will firm the skin on the cheeks, giving younger-looking skin and an instant lifting effect.
Apply Mysterious Thousand and One Days® in the evening, on its own or after Mysterious Replumper®. Allow it to penetrate by massaging your whole face; you’ll feel the texture increase in density… Count to 5 then massage some more and a transformation will take place: the liquid crystals, biomimetic to skin, will melt and your skin will become all soft and velvety.

Beauty tip:
For fans of Diabolique Tomate® who want to use Mysterious Thousand and One Days®, mix a small amount of both creams in your cupped hand and you’ll add the healthy glow effect of the first to the lifting action of the second!

All skin types

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