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Product Description

GARANCIA Immortal Express Shot, Cell-Activating Anti-Ageing Booster Serum

Intensive youth-boosting course of treatment  in just 15 days!

The Immortal Express Shot® range provides an effective cosmetic solution in just 15 days. It is designed to be used as an intensive 15-day course of treatment3 to 4 times a year when skin is tired or to maintain the positive effects of dermatological treatments (hyaluronic acid injection, etc.). The range’s serums are packed full of highly targeted complementary effects, all of which are crucial to maintaining skin's youthfulness. They can be combined for increased effectiveness or used alone, switching between them with each course of treatment.

The range's latest product is the EGF serum, the result of a major breakthrough in biotechnology: epidermal growth factors (EGF), the discovery of which was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine. These are proteins that naturally occur in the skin and reduce over time (decreasing by over 50% after the age of 30). They accelerate cellular renewal and stimulate collagen and elastin production to help reduce the effects of cutaneous ageing.

In partnership with researchers who have been specialising in Biotechnology for over 10 years, GARANCIA has introduced into its formula an EGF made from non-genetically modified plants with purity levels of 97% that boost cellular renewal by a factor of 2.5.(1).

This anti-ageing serum's light and silky texture is immediately absorbed and acts on cell and tissue renewal mechanisms to boost skin's youth capital.

(1)In vitro test – increase in the number of keratinocytes by + 152% from 78 hours.

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